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Find a technology expert witness with Bench & Bar Experts. We find you expert witnesses, provide expert witness education, and locate the hard-to-find specialized expert witnesses for you. Our pool of technology expert witnesses include professionals who have specialized knowledge through education, experience, skill, or training in ways that may assist in the resolution of a legal court case, arbitration or dispute. The expert witness is formally allowed to offer an opinion as testimony without having been a witness to any occurrence relating to the issue at hand.

Bench & Bar Experts will locate technology expert witnesses and litigation consultants who can testify clearly and effectively with juries. The technology expert witnesses we find will be able to interpret given information and be knowledgeable in doing so. We ensure that our experts will be fully vetted and will be the best of class expert witness for your specific needs. They will also be conflict free.

Technology experts might specialize in computer forensics, software failure, intellectual property disputes and electronic discovery. The expert witnesses will have years of technology experience and will be a benefit to an analysis, reporting and investigation of opinions and findings that are needed to achieve a resolution in an arbitration, dispute or court case. These cases, disputes and arbitrations involve the analysis of investigations that involve data, software and computers to assist in resolving such disputes by addressing complex technical issues. We at Bench & Bar Experts collect candidates who are software experts, computer experts and forensics experts for you to consider for your needs.

Our fully-vetted technology experts can assist you with resolving technological issues and disputes that arise including software misappropriation issues, computer forensics issues, software failure cases, and others. These experts for your consideration are specialists in areas such as analyzing software codes for similarities, patent and copyright infringement, issues with recovering lost files, retrieving hard-to-find digital evidence, analyzing digital data to evaluate its value and more.

We employ several dynamic and comprehensive techniques to search out the technology expert witness that will provide objective expert reporting and testimony. Securing professionals for lawsuits, arbitrations, trials and court cases is what we at Bench & Bar Experts do best. Our exclusive approach to finding technology expert witnesses consistently yields the best industry experts for you to consider. We present you with technology expert witnesses that are the best available. Bench & Bar Experts then leave you to make the final decision.

Technology Expert Witness Search

The cases selected for Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter are representative of cases involving expert witness issues and are not intended to include every case decided on a particular issue. You should always independently check case histories and other precedent.

You should always independently verify qualifications of all experts. If you would like to provide further background checks on your selected expert(s), please let us know.

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