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Find a financial expert witness with Bench & Bar Experts. We find you expert witnesses, provide expert witness education, and locate the hard-to-find specialized expert witnesses for you. A financial expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge through education, experience, skill, or training in ways that may assist in the resolution of a legal court case, arbitration or dispute. The expert witness is formally allowed to offer an opinion as testimony without having been a specific witness to any occurrence relating to the issue at hand.

The financial expert witness can serve as specialists in financial planning and financial analysis, along with forensic accounting. Forensic accounting might include securities marketing, business accounting, management and statistics and even business litigation affairs. Attorneys, judges and other legal professionals look to financial expert witnesses to evaluate the compliance and professional conduct of managers, they can assess the legitimacy of financial plans and transactions, examine cases of fraud and can also evaluate quality of advice.

Perhaps you need a financial expert witness for your case regarding financial business planning, estate litigation, tax preparation, estate planning, divorce litigation or bankruptcy. Bench & Bar Experts have expert witness consultants who will find only those professionals who are at the top of their industries to form a pool of financial expert witness candidates for your consideration. We will also bring to you for consideration those experts with expertise in areas such as preparing official reports that concern assets and liabilities and offering proof of a business's financial and operational integrity.

Some of the additional areas of expertise that these financial witnesses assist with can include pension funds and annuities, investment instruments (stocks and bonds), asset allocation, risk management, retirement, trusts, settlements, supervision, valuation and insurance, among others. The financial expert witness will serve in financial matters as forensic consultants in legal matters and provide expert testimony, assessments and reports for law firms, attorneys, judges, insurance companies and government bodies in state and federal court trials and arbitrations.

Bench & Bar Experts use comprehensive techniques to find the financial expert witnesses that will provide objective reporting and testimony to support your case, and we set our standards high. Securing professionals for lawsuits, arbitrations, trials and court cases is what we at Bench and Bar Experts do best. Our exclusive approach to finding financial expert witness candidates consistently yields the top industry professionals for you to consider. We present you with financial expert witnesses that are the best with relevance to your case. Bench & Bar Experts then leave you to make the final decision.

Financial Expert Witness Search

The cases selected for Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter are representative of cases involving expert witness issues and are not intended to include every case decided on a particular issue. You should always independently check case histories and other precedent.

You should always independently verify qualifications of all experts. If you would like to provide further background checks on your selected expert(s), please let us know.

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