Our core business is providing highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants for the legal process.  We also offer a number of other services to the legal and expert communities with the goal of being a comprehensive, full-service provider to our subscribers and to those with only occasional needs for our services.


As an expert witness, you know that one of the most difficult aspects of your job is marketing your services.  If you are listed on a directory site or have a highly-ranked website, attorneys may eventually find you.

  • But what are you doing proactively to market yourself to them without a scattershot approach?

  • How do you know when they have a case that would be perfect for your expertise?

Bench & Bar Experts has the answer.

We monitor federal and state court dockets across the country on a daily basis.

Our proprietary method can find the cases that meet your specific criteria.

With a free two-week trial, we will send you a summary of the first case we see that meets the criteria you provide.  

If you like the results, we will offer you a first-time introductory rate of $99 to continue the service for six months.  

  • You will receive a summary of any case we find that meets your criteria when it appears on the court docket.  

  • At your request, we will submit your CV for consideration through our proprietary process.

To start your free trial, click here and submit the following information. 

We will begin our search immediately upon receipt of your criteria.

  • Name

  • Company Name

  • Email

  • Primary Area of Expertise

  • Sub-category of Expertise

We look forward to helping you market your expert witness services to our clients.



The cases selected for Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter are representative of cases involving expert witness issues and are not intended to include every case decided on a particular issue. You should always independently check case histories and other precedent.

You should always independently verify qualifications of all experts. If you would like to provide further background checks on your selected expert(s), please let us know.

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