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Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter provides the most comprehensive coverage of the body of law governing the role of the expert witness in the legal system. Our simple search functions allow you to retrieve relevant cases by keyword, expert name, area of expertise, jurisdiction, expert issue, and case type.


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Bench & Bar Experts is a full-service firm of expert witness consultants with more than 30 years of experience providing a comprehensive approach to the search, vetting, management and education of expert witnesses in the legal system. We use a variety of methods and have access to the best qualified experts to provide to attorneys, judges, paralegals and their clients. There is no cost for our search services unless you engage the expert we locate for you.

We also offer a number of other services to the legal and expert communities with the goal of being a comprehensive, full-service provider. Some of these services include providing experts for speaking engagements, translation services, Continuing Legal Education programs, electronic discovery services, placement and recruiting, research and writing services, marketing and public relations services and more.

By taking the time to understand your specific requirements and expectations, our expert witness consultants bring candidates to you with detailed information on their credentials for you to make judgment on their credibility for your case. We offer to you our network of experts and our unparalleled research skills to locate the hard-to-find expert, exhausting our resources for you so you can save your resources for other aspects of your case.

Our Services

  •  Targeted Searches for Expert Witnesses & Consultants

    We specialize in finding the specific expert you need for your case. You supply us with pinpointed criteria for your expert and we find the best suited candidates for your consideration. The impact that our expert witnesses have on legal cases is significant, and we offer only attorneys, judges, arbitrators, mediators and medical experts that convince us that they have a command of subject matter and the ability to convey that command in court.

  •  Building Expert Witness Finder

    From construction to architectural disputes, our building expert witnesses will assist your legal team in gaining a successful outcome in court. Our building expert witnesses have a strong command of their subject matter and the ability to convey that command in court.

  •  Financial Expert Witness Finder

    If your firm is looking for a highly qualified financial industry expert witness, please look no further than Bench and Bar Experts. We only provide the highest quality financial expert witnesses for your court case. Our speciality is discovering the specific expert that you need for your case and we will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

  •  Technology Expert Witness Finder

    Our exclusive approach to finding technology expert witnesses yields the best industry experts for your consideration. We have some of the highest standards within our industry for technology expert witnesses as we engage in comprehensive strategies to search out the witness that will provide you with objective reporting and testimony.

  •  Legal Placement & Recruiting

    Professionals at Bench and Bar Experts have worked in-house as legal recruiters to fill positions from senior partners to administrative staff. In addition, some of our recruiters have worked with some of the largest legal recruiting firms to help with lateral hires to fulfill a specific need within a firm or even develop a new practice area. Our hourly-based recruiting is our most requested service. We look at our database of current individuals seeking employment, as well as contact those who are not actively looking, and present them with our client's opportunity.

    Bench & Bar also offers contingency-based recruiting services for a percentage of the hire's starting salary. We find as many candidates as we can that meet your requirements and present those attorneys to our clients.

    Lastly, we work together with firms who are looking to hire attorneys to assist with short term and long term projects to find the exact attorney who will excel in the area of need. Bench & Bar handles all the payroll, taxes, etc. and our client is only billed for the hours that the attorney works.

  •  Gallagher's Expert Practice & Procedure Reporter

    Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter provides the most comprehensive coverage of the body of law governing the role of the expert witness in the legal system. Gallagher's goal is to provide fast coverage of new decisions as they are released by the courts. In addition to its comprehensive coverage, the Reporter will also provide simple search functions to allow subscribers to retrieve relevant cases by keyword, expert name, area of expertise, jurisdiction, expert issue, type of case and other search criteria.

  •  The Expert Report

    Sign up for our expert newsletter featuring summaries from recent cases added to Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter. The Expert Report is published bimonthly by the editors at Bench and Bar Experts. The Expert Report contains the most groundbreaking, precedent-setting and unusual of the cases added over the last two week period with links to the full-text of the opinions in Gallagher's Reporter.

More about Bench & Bar Experts

Bench & Bar Experts is dedicated to the success of your case, and we understand how critical to its success these expert witnesses are. In addition to using expert witnesses in litigation, the use of experts in the court system has expanded into a number of other areas. Bench & Bar Experts can help you find the best qualified expert or consultant for every situation. You alone decide whether or not to retain experts. We are independent of any relationship with professional experts and represent your interests and your needs. At Bench & Bar Experts, our expert witness consultants are dedicated to providing you with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants for the legal process.

Get more detailed informationabout our experience and how we can assist you or call toll-free at 1 (866) 236-2426.

To take advantage of our expert witness assisted search service call us toll-free at 1 (866) 236-2426 or fill out our expert search formand one of our search advisors will contact you within 24 hours.

News & Updates


The Ninth Circuit has narrowed the protection available to testifying experts' materials under FRCP 26(b)(3). The case specifically makes a distinction between protection of "materials" as defined under Rule 26(b)(3) and protection for "experts" as defined under Rule 26(b)(4). Read more

Past News

The cases selected for Gallagher's Expert Practice and Procedure Reporter are representative of cases involving expert witness issues and are not intended to include every case decided on a particular issue. You should always independently check case histories and other precedent.

You should always independently verify qualifications of all experts. If you would like to provide further background checks on your selected expert(s), please let us know.

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